Students trying to find their first job face an unprecedented set of challenges today.  The jobs' market is extremely competitive, fewer vacancies and employers demanding applicants are better prepared not only in the recruitment process but also be able to make a fast and effective start in a new job.  How can Education Establishments, and career guidance professionals, respond to these challenges and help their students?

There are 3 main challenges:

  • Support: Provide students with the best support to use new ways to search for jobs
  • Succeed: Help students to be successful in the recruitment process
  • Protect: Provide essential business awareness, knowledge & skills to allow students to make an effective and rapid start in a new job and pass successfully the first 90 days probationary period

All of the above needs to be delivered in a personalised job /career search support system that is available anytime, anywhere and that suits the latest “online /on-demand look up learning style.

Students have to compete with people in the jobs market who already have working experience and Education Professionals need to provide the best possible guidance and help.

Time for a new approach

LET'S-BEGIN has designed job search and career training & support programmes specifically for Educational Establishments to help students get the best start to their working lives.   This new approach is available now:

  • Support - Comprehensive and detailed job search support
    Detailed guidance on how to search effectively for a job: looking for growth areas, researching potential employers and a system for maintaining focus
  • Success
    Students get a full explanation of the recruitment process, profiling job roles in a 3 stage fitness method, the psychology of persuasion, and a full programme of practical hints & tips.
  • Protect - How to make a fast, effective start in a new job
    A systematic guide to the first 90 days of a new job, raises the chances of successfully passing the probationary period.  Tasks dealt with include: establishing a good relationship with managers, meeting expectations, being able to manage change and clarifying priorities.

No I.T. overheads for Educational Establishments - The online system needs no in house  I.T. hardware or software as it uses new “cloud based” learning as a service technology.  Students have their own online, on-demand system for job search, career development and training.  Accessible anytime, anywhere, for as long as it is needed.

Rapid & easy access, on-demand - “Pilot's checklist” learning system design means that whatever students need help with they have quick & direct access to the right session. Podcasts make learning on the move possible to fit into travel times.  Practical, everyday tips and techniques are combined with detailed explanations of interpersonal skills.  With the ability to make, store and review notes, the programmes become a personal career development and learning centre available anytime, anywhere, online.

Blended Learning with Educational Professionals engaged - Lesson plans for use by career guidance trainers and tutors mean a “blended learning” approach is possible to complement each students own online personal training system resulting in an advanced, comprehensive career development and training programme.

For students needing to learn about the working environment, the Business Awareness programme is suitable.

For students preparing to apply for professional and management job, the Executive Job Seekers' programme is relevant.

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