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Who is this course for?

If you starting a new job as a Personal Assistant and want to make the best start in your first 90 days then LET'S-BEGIN Personal Assistant will help you understand the key tasks and skills involved in your new job.


  • Rapid learning through the combined use of audio, text, imagery and computer animation
  • Flexibility to pause, bookmark and resume the course at any time
  • Store points and make notes as you go along for personalised training
Trolley - Bulk purchasing available

Bulk purchasing / licencing available

If you are a company, university, school or an individual who wish to purchase multiple training courses or programmes please contact us before you order, we will be happy to discuss terms.

Headphones - Learn anywhere

Learn anywhere

With every LET'S-BEGIN training course you will get a free stand alone audio only version compatible with all MP3 players.


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After this course you will have learnt:

  • Key points to meet expectations in a new job
  • How to work with your manager – 7 ways for a good start
  • 6 ways to build a good working relationship with your team
  • 6 steps to making a good impression
  • Ways that HR can help you
  • A 6-point guide to using IT
  • How to use your communication skills to your advantage
  • A guide to time management
  • 8 key interpersonal skills to use at work
  • The key issues for effective diary management
  • Phone call management
  • 6 key steps to effective email usage
  • The importance of numbers that measure your manager's results
  • An overview of HR issues that have an impact on your team
  • 12 steps to organising a successful offsite meeting
  • How to organise travel effectively
  • The importance of accurate expense, holiday and attendance records
  • Key presentations and reports that your manager uses
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