Sales and Sales Management in a Tough Market
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Sales Training – Sales Management in a Tough Market

Sales and Sales Management in a Tough Market will teach how to protect your margins in difficult economic conditions.

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Who is this course for?

If you are running a business or in a sales leadership position then this course will help you understand the key tasks and skills involved in protecting your sales in an economic downturn. Assess your top line sales status, detect early warning signs, protect each forecasted customer order, apply new criteria to forecasting and demonstrate key leadership skills.


  • Rapid learning through the combined use of audio, text, imagery and computer animation
  • Flexibility to pause, bookmark and resume the course at any time
  • Store points and make notes as you go along for personalised training
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Bulk purchasing / licencing available

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After this course you will have learnt:

  • How to recognise 11 key signs of a downturn
  • How to complete a 7 point assessment of your business
  • 14 key potential impact areas of a downturn to look for
  • New rules for lead generation
  • The strategic importance of customer value propositions and how to build them using a 3 point business case method
  • A 9 point macro sales assessment of your business
  • How to protect each potential order in a forecast
  • To recognise 12 reasons why customers don't place orders when you expect them and how to prevent the slip
  • Why compelling events are so difficult to find, and 8 types to choose
  • The way to use powerful simple deal decision maps to control sales cycles
  • Operating an accurate, consistent forecast using new measurement criteria
  • The importance of training, best practice sharing and operational excellence for the sales force
  • How to establish and maintain an effective 3rd party channel reseller organisation
  • 14 ways to improve planning, organisation, ownership and compensation
  • Leadership skills to motivate and manage an organisation
  • 9 areas of business that need hard decisions.
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