Job interview tips, techniques and skills

Do you want help with job interview techniques? Would you like to learn about job interview tips? Learning job interview skills will give you a competitive edge to get the job you want, but what exactly is involved? Success at a job interview is achieved by preparing and practicing.

To learn about job interview techniques take one of our online, easy to use training courses either Get That Job for first time job seekers or Get That Executive Job for professional job search. Job interview tips and techniques cover many areas:

  • Do your research - Research for the interview is the vital building block of job interview preparation, finding out the criteria for success, what does the employer want in terms of skills, knowledge and experience? How will the job interview process work, for example one interview or several, on the phone or in person, one to one or a panel interview? Do you have some people who will act as references for you ready to offer at a job interview? LET’S BEGIN Online courses are packed with useful information to guide you to job search success.
  • Learn how to answer tough interview questions - Practice answering tough questions before the job interview, this is a great job interview technique to assure you of success and help you gain confidence. Keeping clam and providing thoughtful answers to tough questions can help you get the job you want.
  • Prepare some really important questions to ask - Prepare a list of questions to ask in a job interview, as this shows you are interested in both the job and the employer and that you have taken the time to prepare for the interview. Using online search it is very easy to find out a wide range of information about employers and this can help you create some really good questions to ask in the interview.
  • The successful "look" - Your appearance is the first impression you create in a job interview. This is a time to take special care that the impression you create with your appearance helps your chances of success. We talk more about the "look" in our online courses, think about the interview you are attending, how do people look who have that job already, what is the "uniform" for the job? All these questions are explored in our online training courses.
  • Passing the job Interview Fitness® Test - In job interviews expect people to be looking at you from 3 different views; we call this the "Fitness Test". Do you fit the job, how well matched are your experience, skills and qualifications to the job. Do you fit the employer, what kind of people does the employer look for from a personality and character view point. Finally do you fit the interviewer, can you establish a good impression in the job interview with the person or people who you meet and interview you? Each part of the fitness test needs practice and the job interview techniques applying to it, with the right training and guidance you can succeed and pass the Fitness Test!

If you found these job interview tips helpful LET'S-BEGIN online courses can help you, including checklists to download and how to use them in the job interview process for maximum effect and success.

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