Our guide to helping those in need of outplacement services

Finding a new job is always difficult; but this is even more challenging when the jobs' market is very competitive.  Key changes today mean for outplacement services to be fit for purpose they must address the following key questions:

  • Changing to a new sector of employment, for example from the public to the private sector.  What actions can you take to compete successfully for jobs when you are not an insider?
  • Finding a new job is now a longer term process with fewer jobs and extended decision cycles.   How can you get on-demand help in each stage of the selection process, no matter how long it takes?
  • Probationary periods, often for the first 90 days of a new job, mean you need to make a fast and effective start.  Where can you get help to pass the probation period when many organisations have reduced or removed training?

Many people, even those with long experience in their field, find that the old ways of job hunting are ineffective.  Trying to compete in the jobs' market with little more than some explanation of how to write a CV or how to answer interview questions is not enough and classroom sessions are easily forgotten. This is where outplacement services come into play.

Time for a new approach

LET'S-BEGIN has designed two job search, career training and support programmes specifically to respond to these three requirements using the latest online technology. This new approach to outplacement services is available now:

  • Comprehensive and detailed Job Search Support
    Detailed guidance on how to prepare for a job in a new sector including marketing yourself, profiling the job role in a 3 stage method, the psychology of persuasion and a full programme of guidance.
  • Long Term Support
    Everyone can have their own online, on-demand support for job search, career development and training.  Accessible anytime, anywhere, for as long as it is needed.
  • How to make a fast, effective start in a new job
    A systematic guide to your first 90 days in a new job, tailored to different types of jobs means your chances of successfully passing the probationary period can be significantly improved.  Tasks dealt with include: establishing a good relationship with your new manager, meeting expectations, being able to manage change and clarify priorities are the essential building blocks for success.

Rapid & easy access on-demand

Pilot's checklist design means that whatever you need to do you have direct access to the right session for help. Podcasts included with each course make learning on the move possible to fit into travel times.  Practical, everyday tips and techniques are combined with detailed explanations of interpersonal skills. 

The result is to give people who have been made redundant a real head start in searching, getting and successfully starting a new job.  With the ability to make, store and review notes, the programmes become a personal career development and learning centre available anytime, anywhere, online.

Employers can fulfil their responsibilities to the staff leaving by giving them the best start in a new career.  Remaining staff see their former colleagues being supported with an advanced, comprehensive career development and training programme.

For people in the early stages of their working life, the Job Seekers programme is suitable.

For people at a professional, management or executive stage, the Executive Job Seekers programme is relevant.

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