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Find a Job - Training Courses for Job Seekers


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Who is this training programme for?

LET'S-BEGIN Job Seekers Programme will help you get the job you want by explaining the key steps and techniques involved in being selected for a job, including how to present yourself in the best possible way at interviews. The programme also provides you with a step-by-step guide and the essential skills and knowledge you need to make a great start in your first 90 days. Job seekers programme comprises a suite of 3 courses; Get that Job, Work and Effective Communication Skills that include a comprehensive range of career and working best practices.

How does the programme work?

Available through the LET'S-BEGIN online learning centre, Job Seekers Programme gives fast access to the techniques and skills you need to get the job you want, and by making use of the "Job Advisor", you can make notes online, as you learn, and then refer back to your notes and the relevant section of the course, at any time. For example, if you are about to attend an interview, you can immediately access the relevant course material and your own online notes, to make sure you are fully prepared.

What do I get?

Get that Job, Work and Effective Communication Skills.

Trolley - Bulk purchasing available

Bulk purchasing / licencing available

If you are a company, university, school or an individual who wish to purchase multiple training courses or programmes please contact us before you order, we will be happy to discuss terms.

Headphones - Learn anywhere

Learn anywhere

With every LET'S-BEGIN training course you will get a free stand alone audio only version compatible with all MP3 players.

Overview of programme content:

  • About the "process" of getting a job & 3 ways to research a potential employer
  • A 10-step plan from CV to job offer letter using the "process"
  • The purpose of a CV, writing an effective CV and covering letter
  • The internet - 3 ways to use it for research and 2 rules for internet job applications
  • Recruitment agents: 5 ways to make them your competitive advantage
  • Telephone tactics: Using objectives and a 4-point calling plan
  • Fitness test - 3 steps to prepare for the perfect job interview
  • The look! What your appearance says about you
  • Interviews live: Starting well, using your CV, asking and answering questions
  • Effective behaviours in interviews including handling tough questions
  • 4 important follow up techniques to keep you at the top of the list to get that job!
  • 3 key points to meet expectations in a new job
  • Working with your manager - 8 ways for a good start
  • The principles of good team work
  • 6 ways to create a good first impression
  • Understanding how Human Resources can help you
  • Information Technology - a 6-point guide
  • A method to manage your time & meet deadlines
  • 7 interpersonal skills to help you in meetings, on the phone or using email
  • The importance of effective communications skills
  • 12 examples of bad communications to avoid
  • The best practice "MAP" of: attitudes, behaviours and processes to help you communicate effectively
  • A 7-point checklist to use when communicating with your manager
  • How to use effective communication skills: Face to face, by phone, by email and in meetings
  • An introduction on how to make a presentation.
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